A call for WordPress developers

I’m in a position now where there’s simply not enough hours in the day to complete all of the work that comes my way. If you can help, let me know and let’s see about working together.

I’m fortunate enough to have been working with WordPress for a number of years now and have built up a good client base to support my business.

However, add that substantial growth to having a wife and now, two young children and there’s simply not enough hours in the day. In order to keep serving my existing clients, responding to new requests and growing the business, I am needing to rely more and more on others to help me complete the work that comes my way.

I’m looking to build a pool of freelancers (not agencies) that are very proficient with WordPress whom I can send work out to. You can take as much or as little work as you want as your schedule will allow. Continue reading “A call for WordPress developers”

I’m an introvert: understand my needs and quirks

It’s only been a few years that I’ve realised I’m actually an introvert, not shy and this article is a perfect rundown of why I’m different than you. Educate yourself on what it means to be, know or live with an introvert.

It took me a long time (about 28 years) to realise that:

  1. I’m not shy, and
  2. Being shy and being an introvert are two very different things

Reading about what introversion really is makes me realise just how much of an introvert I really am (and how much I, and certainly many others, have misunderstood it for so long).

After reading “14 things introverts wish you understood” my insides sang with agreement. This is exactly who I am and moving forward I’ll be using this as a reference to help explain to others why I am the way I am. After all, per #4, it’s easier to write down my feelings than to speak them out loud.

If you know me and I’ve ever come across as cold, uninteresting or aloof, it’s probably just me being me (though I could conceivably be quite uninteresting too).

Take a few minutes to read this and understand why certain people – including me – don’t want to be in big crowds, need and want time to ourselves and aren’t very good about expressing our emotions or opinions (at least verbally).

14 things introverts wish you understood

This is what the websites of central governments should look like – a homage to gov.uk

gov.uk is the gateway to everything that the UK Government has to offer online and since 2012, it has been a shining example of how so much information can be well organised and provided for people for all abilities (both technical and physical) to use.

Government is not usually at the leading edge of, well anything, but not least technology.

As the noughties rolled on, the UK Government had a wealth of information online, but it was so fragmented that you couldn’t be sure if you were reading the most up-to-date information or whether you were getting the information from the right source.

This is very typical of most governments in the modern age. If anything, we were probably ahead of most just by having that information online somewhere as opposed to other countries which may have been slower to put this information online.

In 2011, the Government Digital Service was created with a mandate to completely revolutionise the Government’s digital offerings and to adopt a “digital by default” approach where every service and piece of information is planned from the outset to be available or delivered digitally. Continue reading “This is what the websites of central governments should look like – a homage to gov.uk”

St. Augustine Distillery is the best place to visit in the city

The St. Augustine Distillery is a place teeming with history, homemade spirits, intrigue, education, delicious food and new experiences. You’ll enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into making the spirits and beyond that the cocktails that they’re used in.

A few weekends ago, Marti and I visited St. Augustine, Florida. It was part of a Christmas present to me: a 2-night getaway from the kids with just Marti in tow. We had a great time exploring the city, but the best part without a doubt was when we visited the St. Augustine Distillery.

The Ice Plant’s history

The St. Augustine Distillery opened just a couple of years ago (March 2014) after successfully securing ownership of the former “Ice Plant” on Riberia St. This Ice Plant opened up as a power plant around 1907 and they started producing ice soon thereafter as the city began to boom in order to support tourism and commerce (such as providing fishermen with a way to keep their fish fresher for longer).

The plant closed down in the 60s and lay dormant for many years before real estate developers who wanted to tear it down to make room for new condos snapped it up in the early 21st century and subsequently lost it in the downturn. The community bandied together with a common goal to save this historic building and the St. Augustine Distillery was born. Continue reading “St. Augustine Distillery is the best place to visit in the city”

Why Uber should and will win out over cabs

Uber isn’t killing the livelihoods of cabbies and taxi owners. They’re doing that to themselves by refusing to innovate and rise to the challenge presented by Uber.

I’m betting that a good portion of Uber’s income goes straight into the pockets of lawyers. For years now, Uber have been defending their service in countless nations, states, counties and cities in expensive and protracted lawsuits.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, Uber is a service that connects people who need a ride with people with a car. It’s similar to the very familiar concept of taxis, except that one must privately order a ride from an Uber driver rather than hailing an Uber on the street.

Uber has been immensely successful and taxi drivers and owners rightly see this as a threat to their livelihood. Someone came up with a better way for connecting drivers and riders than the centuries old method that most cabs continue to employ. Now anyone with a smartphone can quickly and easily say where they are and where they want to go and an Uber will typically be able to pick them up within a few minutes. Continue reading “Why Uber should and will win out over cabs”

Read the Internet at blazing speed with Squirt

Squirt is a sweet little tool that allows you to read online at ridiculously fast speeds by showing the text in one spot rather than forcing your eyes to move, which can more than double your reading speed.

Today I was introduced to a nifty little tool. Have you ever seen tests or demonstrations where people are shown to be able to read faster if their eyes don’t have to move?

In fact people can typically read at between 120-200 words per minute, which isn’t bad, but this methodology of reading without moving your eyes can easily double your reading capability.

With so many of us doing a lot of content digestion online, there’s a new tool to bring this capability to this realm of your life. Continue reading “Read the Internet at blazing speed with Squirt”

The Liberation Project

The Liberation Project is my new favourite podcast to listen to, focusing on empowering men who have become passive and uninspired, like me.

Over the past few months, I’ve started listening to a new podcast. My wife introduced me to it as it is co-hosted by someone that we admire: Justin Stumvoll.

He and his wife Abi are two amazing people from Redding, CA and are both life coaches. They do an excellent job of analysing situations, seeing them for what they are and providing real and achievable solutions.

So, when I heard that Justin was starting this podcast, that it was called The Liberation Project and that it was all about helping men who have grown to become passive and uninspired, I was very interested, not least because I feel like that adequately describes me. Continue reading “The Liberation Project”

Eliminating busyness in 2016

In 2016, my family have decided to stop being so busy and letting it stress us out, opting instead for a healthy mix of alone time and family time.

Yesterday, I read an article which my wife sent me. The subject matter is something that I’ve been considering for quite a while as I think to how we spend countless weekends bouncing from one thing to the next before finally crashing on Sunday night and going our separate ways again on Monday morning. The title of the article?

Busy is a sickness

The article really resonated with me. Ever since having kids especially, I just feel like there’s not time for anything because we’re always so booked up with menial things. Continue reading “Eliminating busyness in 2016”

Getting out of my food rut with a spicy Buddha bowl

Marti and I tend to get into ruts every once in a while where we end up eating the same things night upon night, completely uninspired. Taking advantage of a few days off of work and a little extra time on our hands, we branched out and tried something new: a Spicy Buddha Bowl.

I was absolutely blown away by it, like I so rarely am and truly, it wasn’t all that hard or time-consuming to make. Packed with flavour and nutrients, it was an easy choice to do again, so just two days after our first one, we made another tonight, except that we doubled up on the sauce for the beans and we used cannellini beans instead of chickpeas.

I’ll be coming back to this again and again, not least because a little change here or there and you’ve got a completely new dish. Gives me fond memories of going to Prasad 3 or 4 times for lunch on our 10-day trip to Portland a few years ago.