Is your country the goodest?

No that’s not a lexical faux pas. It’s the intentional introduction of a new term being coined by Simon Anholt, a veteran political advisor to nations around the world.

After many years of research, and evaluating how the world’s population perceives other nations, he came up with the Good Country index, which ranks countries according to the good they do for the world, importantly not for themselves.

This is important because people want to do trade with countries that are good: not rich, not prosperous, but good. For these countries, life is relatively easy: people want to trade with them, lend to them and deal with them, which in turn leads to greater prosperity for that nation.

So, as Simon encourages, when you’re thinking about electing or reelecting politicians, consider their manifesto and whether its components are good.

Author: Dave

Dave is many things. Most importantly, he's a husband and a father to Ellie and Jack. Almost as important, he's British (though he lives in Florida). Following on from there, he's a WordPress developer and civil engineer, has an unhealthy love of hummus, is vegan, likes cider, wants to travel to Iceland and Japan, loves solving puzzles and is a realist.

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