Is it that hard to understand “water”?

Waitress: And what would you like to drink?

Me: Just water, please.

Waitress: Er, I’m sorry, what was that?

Me: Water…

Waitress: Is that on the menu? Can you show me?

Me: It’s just water. Water. Water. H2O. Water.

Waitress: *blank stare*…

Me: *sigh* Woddah

Waitress: Oh, water! Yes, certainly.

Author: Dave

Dave is many things. Most importantly, he's a husband and a father to Ellie and Jack. Almost as important, he's British (though he lives in Florida). Following on from there, he's a WordPress developer and civil engineer, has an unhealthy love of hummus, is vegan, likes cider, wants to travel to Iceland and Japan, loves solving puzzles and is a realist.

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