I used to have dreams about Hugh Dillon and think that he was quite hot, but then I realised that he’s just an old version of you.

– Marti

→ October 12, 2014

Can we all just agree that automatic taps, soap dispensers, hand driers and paper towel dispensers are generally terrible at sensing you and make you look like an idiot, waving your hand for 20 seconds before … → October 6, 2014

Me on stage at WordCamp Tampa

2014 WordCamp Tampa recap

2014 WordCamp Tampa was unquestionably a resounding success. I jotted down some of my thoughts, both generic to WordCamps and about this event specifically, as well as noting some the main points I got taught on.

My bucket list

My bucket list consists largely of activities and experiences: most notably, travel. I once read (and completely agree) that the gifts people …

Camel camel camel

I’ve been shopping online for quite some time, but I haven’t encountered a tool quite as useful as Camel Camel Camel in …

Shut up and take my money

Apple Watch – an April Fools’ joke?

I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing when Apple announced their Apple Watch. Sending someone your heartbeat? Trying to scribble a doodle on a 1.5″ screen, rather than dictating a quick message with Siri? Who does that!?


Skyway Trail

This is one of the many beautiful views of Clam Bayou from the Skyway Trail: a newly opened trail in St. Petersburg, …

The Killing

The Killing (US) is a refreshingly dark and chilling crime thriller with political sub-plots, which always had us begging for more.


Brighton was my home for 21 years, and I sorely miss what a beautiful, fun, accepting place it is. It’s not just home, it’s an amazing city with a heart of gold, nestled in gorgeous countryside.

In the past couple of weeks, my wife has had two major revelations about doughtnuts: #1 I’ve just realised that doughnuts and bagels are the same, but different! #2 What do you mean they don’t cut … → August 11, 2014


Engineering on a whole new level

Engineering geekery ahead. You’ve been warned. Been watching The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway about building CrossRail through London and it just puts …

Dear online vendors, Seriously? It’s 2014. If you expect me to have a maximum character limit for my password, or to only be able to choose from a set of 4 symbols, or worse yet, require … → July 15, 2014

Is your country the goodest?

No that’s not a lexical faux pas. It’s the intentional introduction of a new term being coined by Simon Anholt, a veteran …

If we won

Stephen Merchant, of The Office and An Idiot Abroad fame, made this hilarious ad for Newcastle Brown Ale, talking about how much …